Sometimes also referred to as the Top Lake, this intimate four acre water has produced many historic big carp over the years, being the home to a string of different 40lbs plus carp over the last decade. In particular, the famous ‘Big Girl’, one of the first 40lb carp that Norfolk produced lived in this water for over twenty years, ultimately peaking at over 48lbs in weight before her passing in 2013. However, there are still several carp present in the water which are well in excess of 40lbs in weight.


The largest Common carp in the lake was caught in June 2015 at a weight of 52lbs, making it a new fishery record, and also one of the largest currently ‘known’ carp in Norfolk.  Additionally, there is a second Common carp in the lake which also weighs over 45lbs, a leather which also tops 40lbs and at least two Mirrors present which have also been caught at over 40lbs in the last two years. With a healthy number of other 30lb plus fish also present and annual introductions taking place of hand picked top quality 20lb plus fish, all combines to make the Top Lake one of the premier big carp waters in Norfolk.

The Top Lake is a demanding water to catch carp from with any consistency, and each season sees numbers of its residents go uncaught.

Only anglers who have a wide experience of fishing for large carp are allowed to join the syndicate when vacancies occur. Prospective applicants of the Top Lake Syndicate are expected to have been a member of the D Lake syndicate for at least one season before they can apply.

Our gallery below displays just some of the carp presently in the Top Lake.