Nunnery Top Lake.
In the last couple of months, we have managed to completely replace our otter fence around the Top Lake at the Nunnery.

The original fence had been in place for over thirty years, the Top Lake being one of the first waters in the country to have an otter fence installed around it.

However, with the passage of time, the old fence had reached a point in recent years where it was no longer fit for purpose, so changes had to be made.

Earlier this year we applied to the Angling Trust for a grant under they’re fishery protection scheme, and were absolutely delighted when our application for funding was accepted. By also contributing to the scheme financially ourselves, we were able to fund completely replacing the old fence with a new one.

The work to remove the 750 metres of old fence, and replace it with a new,’Tornado wire’ one has taken place over several weekends throughout November and December.

Fortunately, we have enjoyed fantastic support from some of our syndicate members with this project, [14-15 guys regularly turning out to help] which has given us the opportunity to deliver it on time and with the minimum of disturbance around the lake.

Thanks to the significant contribution from the Angling Trust, this iconic Norfolk carp water is now completely safe from the threat of otter predation for many years to come.